Psychology of Colors

Have you ever put any thought on how the colors you use in your classroom affect you and your students? 
Maybe you Should!

I have received some hate in the past for using pink in my classroom, but let me tell you why I started adding pink and softer colors to my classrooms.

Color Psychology! 

I always thought that my ADHD was the reason why I felt a certain way around certain colors. For example, the combination of Primary Colors makes me feel stressed out. Well, it turns out that colors universally have an effect on people; some more than others. 

According to Color Psychology the colors I use in my classroom have the following effects on the human psyche:

Yellow stimulates

• Higher Cognition

• Creativity

• Feelings of Optimism

Too much yellow however can overstimulate and cause anxiety. 

Pastel Yellow creates a sense of

• Gentleness

• Calmness


Pink stimulates

• Kindness

• Compassion

• Joy

Light Pink creates a sense of

• Relaxation

• Tranquility

• Innocence


Lilac stimulates

• Friendliness

• Open-Mindedness

Lilac can reduce antisocial behavior and aggression.

Mint stimulates

• Emotional Harmony

• Stability

• Endurance

I have had seven classes, and 6 out 7 of them have been decorated with a combination of these colors.

What colors do you use in your classroom? 

What positive effects do the colors in your classroom have on your students?