Accessible Storage

Looking for a simple way to foster independence in your young students?
I believe it's extremely important to foster independence and self-confidence in Kindergarten. 
One way I do this in my classroom design is through accessible storage. 

Accessible storage means having all supplies that students may need throughout the school year in accessible shelves, cabinets, drawers, containers, etc.

What makes these accessible?
1. These are all at or below eye level. Keep anything that you don't want students to have access to in areas that are locked or unreachable. 
2. Add labels to help them identify what is stored away there. These labels will not only help them find supplies, but also help them know where to put supplies away after use.
3. Show students where these areas are and explain when they might need to access them. Place rules about when they might need these supplies, how to use them, and how to put them away.