Organizer and Designer for Classrooms in the Bay Area and San Benito County

I would like to help teachers in cluttered classrooms get organized. So I am offering my services to declutter, organize, and design better learning environments over the summer. 

As a teacher and someone with ADHD, I know how important classroom organization is to the learning environment. Having an organized and clean classroom helps with productivity in teaching and learning.

Teachers often complain that there aren't enough minutes in the school day to cover everything you are expected to teach. Those precious minutes are sometimes wasted in looking for materials or clearing spaces for students to work in.
I can remember being a student and not being able to focus because the classrooms I was being taught in had so much clutter. I can remember the urge I would get to want to move the piles of papers off of the random places in the classroom. I would waste my own learning time daydreaming about how I would organize and arrange my teacher's classroom if given the chance