My Classrooms Over Time

Next week, I will begin my 7th year of teaching! I'm excited for a few reasons; (1) I'm not teaching online, (2) I'm with Kindergarten again, (3) I am finally tenured, (4) we have new staff members to meet, and (5) I don't have to move out of my class and start over!

In my 6 years of teaching, I have had to pack my class and start fresh in a new classroom every year (twice on my first year).

I'm going to share with you all my classrooms. You'll notice that my first year started with a theme, but transitioned into color palettes over the years (which works better for me).


Here's my first classroom ever!

I got hired at a Catholic school to teach 4th grade. I did not want to teach 4th grade, but it was all I can get because I had just moved from Nevada and was going through the process of transferring credentials.

It hurt to leave because of the kids, but it was not the school for me. I was there for 3 months and teaching religion was really strange, but lucky for me I had to move suddenly to Oakland, so I had to resign.


Second Classroom

I quickly got hired at a charter school in Oakland. I LOVED TEACHING IN OAKLAND! I loved the families that I worked with, and my class size was Perfect! Also, I was teaching my dream grade, KINDERGARTEN! The school was housed in an old school campus that was shut down in the 1953. The school was in horrible condition and literally falling apart, but I loved it there. We were in the Oakland hills, so it was a scenic drive up to the school, and right outside my window were wild animals. We loved watching the deers whenever they'd come around.

So if you were paying attention, then you remember me saying I was hired to teach here 4 months into the school year. It turns out that the teacher before me had quit too. This classroom was chaos when I walked in for the first time. I had 3 days to whip it into something that would work better for me and my discomfort with clutter and messes.


Third Classroom

I moved again, and did not return to the charter school in Oakland. This time I got hired with a district and luckily I was in Kindergarten again. This is the school where I met my favorite teacher friends who I am still friends with today. I taught here for 2 years and for half of the second year I had to temporarily move to another classroom because mine was going over some special treatment for a mice infestation. Yuck, I know, but my efforts at getting it taken care of were ignored until my second year when my students witnessed some of the mice and the parents got it taken care of.


Fourth Classroom

Another move, another school... but still in Kindergarten! I got the opportunity to teach in the east bay again, but this time in Hayward! This was in another old school! The school was going to be demolished the following year, so I went ahead and painted the furniture in my room to make it better. I was hired as a temp in this district, so ideally it wasn't going to work. I was ready for some stability and was looking into buying a house in Santa Cruz. Right when school ended the decision was made, I left the district and searched for something closer to my next move.


Fifth Classroom

So we have made it to my current school! I applied for a kinder position, but was offered a third grade position. I accepted, with the promise that they'd place me in kinder the next year. They kept that promise too, and now I'm getting ready to teach my second year of kindergarten here.

Here's my third grade classroom:


Sixth Classroom

This is the classroom that I will be teaching in again this year! But before I show you the classroom, I figured I'd share with you my online classroom since technically I was teaching from the in the beginning of the school year.

This was the loft in my house in Santa Cruz, which I recently sold and so I am moving again! I know, not so shocking since I seem to move a lot. I cant help it, it's the Gypsy in me. But this time I am not moving schools. I will be teaching at the same school, in the same classroom that I taught at the end of this past school year.

Here's my classroom:

I can't wait to return and finish putting it together with actual kindergarten tables! Most importantly, I can't wait to welcome in my new littles!

If you are interested in seeing how I organize, I'll be reposting an organizing post from my old blog on here soon. Subscribe to stay posted!