Keeping it all Organized

I was asked how and where do I organize these centers when they're not being used. What best time than the end of the school year to show you! We have three more days in class, so I recently put away the last centers.

So, WHERE do I put these centers and containers?

I don't keep any of my personal stuff in my classroom. I have invested to much on all my stuff to have it all sit somewhere where I can't be sure it'll be safe. Also, planning for the next school year is so much easier with all my stuff accessible to me. So this response is pretty simple; I keep my stuff in my garage and basement over the summer; I keep it all in my classroom during the school year. I've been lucky to have classrooms with large storage spaces, but the containers I keep them in are cute enough to keep out if needed.

Which brings me to, HOW do I put these away?

I have plenty of dollar tree containers that I use to hold my centers and make them accessible for my students. Containers that are not being used are kept in a large green/transparent bin (I love transparent bins for anything that is not books. I like being able to quickly find what I am looking for.). At the end of the school year, all the bins are put away and fit perfectly in this bin.

So that covers the containers, what about the centers/activities? The activities are kept in these adorable scrapbook bins from Michaels, which you can get for $4 every now and then when they go on sale.

I organize these by the months. Some months have more than others, but Im slowly adding every year. My goal this summer is to add a few more to all the bins. The activities are kept in little ziplock bags. When I use them, I keep the empty bags in the bin to be sure I put away all the activities at the end of the month.

I hope this helps you with your organization, Enjoy!