Before I Became a Teacher...

I started working with kids when I was 18 years old. I worked as a youth leader for After School All-Stars in San Jose, Ca. It was my first official job working with students in a school. I was given the 5th grade group because everyone else seemed to struggle with them. I can't say that first week was easy, but I could say that it wasn't that bad. I attended a Classroom Management seminar and another one about working with at-risk youth. It really opened me up to the different trauma kids may be going through. It also helped me understand how to positively respond to undesirable behavior. I worked here until I moved to Las Vegas at 19.

In Las Vegas, I worked as a Nanny for two families, a high school math tutor, and a substitute for PreK-12th grade.

I also worked as an After School Leader and Summer Camp Leader with the YMCA.

Fast forward a a few years and I just completed my 4th year of teaching Kindergarten.

I mean it when I say that working with children and teaching is my passion. It was always my dream as a kid to become a kindergarten teacher, and I am just so happy to be doing what I do.