Classroom 2018-2019

Okay let's talk about the fact that I have unintentionally become a classroom flipper!

I have completely cleared out and organized all the classrooms I have taught in. They also just happen to be perfect for flipping since they were all really old and filled with hoarded goods from teachers of previous years (decades too). My latest classroom flip was not the oldest classroom I have taught in, but it was possibly the most neglected so far. It was a fun project, but it took me a full week to get it looking presentable. 

Here are some Before and After pictures:

Year 4 is now in the books, and I am ready for the next adventure! The hubby and I are ready to purchase a home so again, I have had to say goodbye to another school. I have had an awesome time here; the School District is pretty awesome and I probably had the best Principal ever. I'll miss my kiddos and the staff, but it's time to find something closer to our new home and finally settle down into a forever district. I wonder what grade and district I will end up with next....wish me luck!

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Bertha Moreno said...

Wow little cuz I am so proud of all that you’ve done !!

I am so happy that you spread your beautiful creativity and sunshine every where you go!

You are an inspiration !

To the classroom flipper ( so cute lol )

Bertha Moreno