Classroom 2015-2016

This is such a bittersweet moment. Although I am so happy about cutting my commute (3hours round trip-DAILY), no longer having to deal with spiders, and starting at a new school, I am also very sad about taking stuff down and saying goodbye to my kids. I have had so much fun teaching these little ones.

These Before and After pictures may seem confusing. I started the school year in November, just after the Thanksgiving Break. I actually took the time during that break to completely clean and organize this classroom. The before pictures were taken on the day I received my classroom keys; the after pictures were taken once I was settled in; and the after pictures are the very last pictures I took before turning in my keys. 
The only door that opens in our class. I put our review wall in this area and decided to decorate the door on the 100th day of school with the different things the students loved learning about. The shelves on the right had our green homework and classroom bins in them and on top I placed the emergency backpack and student cubbies. 
This corner in the back was where I read stories and where we held class discussions. On the wall, I had our Word Wall full of vocabulary words that were introduced in our units. To the right of the Word Wall was the Calendar and Morning Math Wall.
This back room was a terrible mess. It became my resource room. I kept it very organized.
The cabinets in the "resource" room were also a terrible mess. It seemed as if things were just tossed in the back room. I organized it and kept it neat the rest of the year. 
I decided to put up my yellow submarine on this side of the room and then made a small white space for the projector to be displayed, without having to worry about writings on the wall. Also on this wall, I made a Goal Wall and a Review Wall. 
This is another view of the entrance. On these picture you could see the dark closet room where the lunch boxes and backpacks were kept. The after picture is from before I added the cubbies and green bins. 
Here is my favorite part of the "resource" back room.It was completely trashed, but I changed that quickly and kept it neat. 
I really liked this area for my oversized desk. My workspace stayed close to my resource room.
As you can tell, my classroom was a disaster before I arrived. I worked hard and even had my kid sister help me out on weekends to give it a new and updated look. We gave it a clean and simple makeover. 

All our anchor charts/ posters stapled on our Review Wall

My Back to School Night brochure and sample newsletter

Our very first goals on our Goals Wall

Our Calendar

Writing Wall with writing samples
Centers and Schedule Wall

The students' markers for their Do-It-Nows

My resource station

Review Wall and Exit Ticket poster

Manipulative area and library on top

One of my favorite views